As spring unfolds its vibrant colors and warmer temperatures, it marks an opportune moment to ready your lawn for the impending heat of summer. Whether your lawn boasts lush greenery or could benefit from a touch of tender loving care, a few simple steps can elevate it to its fullest potential.


First and foremost, consider applying a pre-emergent herbicide once the soil temperature consistently registers between 50 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit. These herbicides act proactively, targeting weeds before they establish roots and take hold. However, for those wary of chemical treatments, or concerned about their impact on children and pets, promoting a thick, healthy lawn can naturally deter weed growth by outcompeting them.

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Ensure your irrigation system is functioning correctly. Keep in mind, you might not need to water until June due to increased spring rainfall in many parts of Texas; premature watering can hinder root growth. Apply fertilizer in spring to replenish nutrients for healthy summer growth. If you notice bare spots or thin grass, consider overseeding with grass seed.


By adhering to these prudent practices, you can cultivate a verdant oasis that not only enhances your property’s aesthetic appeal but also provides a welcoming outdoor space for relaxation and enjoyment throughout the spring and beyond.


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